Jan 5, 2012

You need music, and so do I.


Does anyone need music? Who needs music?
Here’s why I think you need it, probably more than I do.

- Background -
Music is art and communication. Art is often the first thing to be cut in a financial crisis (and we are in a worsening financial crisis). Why is that? Perhaps some of us believe art is non-essential; it’s only entertainment. My grandfather often says: “If you can’t afford essential goods, if you can’t eat, you are not going to see an opera”.

- Needs -
Well, maybe that’s true. You won’t spend money on something you can live without. You want to save money for necessities. In hard times, you are not going to the opera house, but you are probably going to sing something on your own. That’s because art is essential.

To me, music and art are essential. Being an artist means committing to the world of ideas, feelings and history of humanity. Singing something or just whistling something is a form of expression and is your take on your personal relationship, your faith, how you face your life and more.

- Experience loss to gain value -
In psychology, professors explain that people are more motivated by loss than by gain. So, just imagine it. Your life without music: no music in the clubs, no music in the elevators, no music anywhere. No sound track for that film. Birds can’t sing. You can’t sing. You can’t even make music on your own. Nobody can play music. How’s that? It’s awful, right? You and just noise. Every day.

Keep that feeling in mind next time you are going to a concert.

- Market -
Sometimes I feel like my music is not enough. There’s a psychological barrier that prevents you from expressing yourself.

For example, once I was going to play a concert in my city. My parents said “You know, Mike, you should involve a singer this time. People won’t understand your music. It’s not for everybody.” Guess what? I don’t care. If you feel like you want to be teased by artists who perhaps always convey the same messages, stay away from this! This isn’t for you. Why should I conform to others?

To me, even pop or indie artists shouldn’t. I play jazz. That’s my music and your music, if you want it to be. I want to be true to others. If you would love that, please stay and sign-up here.

I feel like there is no way to adapt to the market, to trends. Music shouldn’t be about either making people get what they want or what you want. It’s not entertainment. It’s deeper than that. It’s about sharing.

Do you think marketing and targeting apply to your music? If so, what’s your ideal customer? Clubs? Ordinary people?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it.
Please leave a comment below.


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